Which advertising signboard to choose?

Effective marketing is one that combines the latest trends and modern technologies with traditional solutions. Advertising on the Internet or in social media is important, but is it more important than an advertising signboard that attracts attention or informs about the company activity? Certainly not. Which advertising signboard to choose?


What to keep in mind when choosing an advertising signboard?


An advertising signboard can perform various functions. It can be used to provide information about the company, advertise products and show the way, also at fairs and exhibitions.

So what should be considered when choosing it?

  • Function – it also determines its size. The more content on the sign, the more space is needed.
  • Colour – one of the most important issues. The colour scheme should not only match the company colours. It is worth paying attention to how the signboard will fit into the surroundings and how visible it will be, e.g. on a colourful street overflowing with other signboards.
  • The material it will be made of. Signboards intended to be hung indoors (e.g. made of wood or Plexiglas) will certainly differ from these advertising the company outdoors. That is why it is a good idea to determine the signboard purpose to choose the right material and thus ensure its long life.

Of course, the industry or the city also matters, but more indirectly. Futuristic, illuminated, and traditional signboards will work in any industry or location.


How to design your own signboard?

Today's technology of making signboards gives various possibilities. Three-dimensional inscriptions, LED backlight, distinctive colours, combining different materials and much more. It is good to have your own idea for a signboard, but you can also be inspired by what already exists on the market. That is why, before making a project, you can look through catalogues, but also take a peek at signs that are already made. Not necessarily from the industry in which you operate. The more designs you like, the easier it is to create something individual and interesting from it.


Advertising signboard


Undoubtedly, a signboard needs to stand out not only from the competition, but also from its surroundings. It determines whether someone will pay attention to it and whether it will be remembered. It must also perform its function regardless of the time of day or night. Therefore, signboards with the name of the company, restaurant or hotel should be illuminated. The idea and uniqueness matter. That is why signboards should be expressive, in strong colours. This does not mean that the signboard has to be made, for example, in flashy red, which does not always compose with the surroundings or fit in with our business. An advertising signboard can be on a white or black background. And we are back to greatness again. If the target place for a signboard is a busy street or an exhibition stand at a trade fair, it cannot be a small signboard that gets lost in the clutter of other advertisements. Indoors, signboards can be smaller, although if you have a large space to manage, it is also worth choosing larger sizes.