Thermoformed logos – any shape, colour and size

With the plastic used in their production, they belong to a group of very durable products.
They are resistant to weather conditions, mechanical damage and are flexible.
Products from this group can be dyed in any colour with a guarantee that the graphics will not be removed. The logo in embossed at high temperature.
Emblems are supplied with adhesive tape selected individually to the backing material. They can be cut into any shape.

We make:

  • emblems of almost any size and colour,
  • matt or glossy finish,
  • extremely flexible emblems, which allows them to be used on curved or rounded elements,
  • durability comparable to stainless steel at much lower production preparation costs.



ikona odporne na uszkodzenia mechaniczne



Resistant to mechanical damage




ikona odporne na uv



UV resistant




ikona odporne na czynniki atmosferyczne



Resistant to weather conditions




ikona różna kolorystyka



Different colors




Sample logotype

ikona bramy


ikona różne grubości kleju



Various thicknesses of glue




ikona różne wymiary



Various dimensions
up to 50 cm





Our projects

loga termoforowane 32
loga termoforowane 35
loga termoforowane 94
loga termoforowane 93
loga termoforowane 34
loga termoforowane 33